We mourn the death of Heinrich Sagel – Vauth Sagel

einrich Sagel passed away yesterday at the age of 85, after a brief illness. The father of five sons, who now manage the company in as the second generation, was able to look back at an eventful and successful life. In 1962, he and his father-in-law Hermann Vauth established Vauth-Sagel KG. Since that time, the company has developed from a manufacturer of special-purpose products made from wire and metal sheet into the internationally active Vauth-Sagel Group. Based on its cross-material expertise, the Group produces over 85 million high-quality products “Made in Germany”. Sagel’s family, friends, the advisory board and all employees at all locations mourn the passing of Heinrich Sagel, their father, grandfather, great-grandfather, business partner, company founder, boss, mentor and exceptional entrepreneur.

Companions along the way described Heinrich Sagel as having a special entrepreneurial personality, that drove the company forward with untiring energy and an elan that never ran dry. With great passion, he was always inspired by new ideas and business opportunities fields.

The history of Vauth-Sagel is marked by the virtues of Heinrich Sagel, his unbending will to succeed and this entrepreneurial principle: “Customer-orientated bespoke work, in conjunction with a high level of adaptability”. The development of the past 60 years shows that the company’s success was built upon multiple pillars. With an inventor’s spirit and the right instincts, Heinrich Sagel laid the foundations. Other drivers have been the ability to always recognise the market’s requirements and leverage market niches at the right time. And This was combined with the highest level of material expertise, strategic growth and family solidarity are also as keys to the company’s success.

On the way to international success, a story that is still being written, Heinrich Sagel always prioritised quality. With regard to innovations, materials, production locations, employees and training young talents. The latter last of these was an affair of the heart for Sagel, and the people surrounding him – be it in his private or professional environment – will never forget his continuous commitment to training and young talent development will. This year as well, although he was in poor health, he insisted on attending the annual Trainee Day in

involved in the day-to-day operation of the company, he continued to regularly visit the individual locations and converse interact with employees at all levels of the company. He had known some of them for decades and was always ready to listen to everyone.

In his private life, Heinrich Sagel was a passionate hunter and farmer, and was committed to the concerns of the environment and nature in his own region and beyond. Participation and support of local associations was a matter of course for him, and a fixed component  a key element of his daily activities.

Although his death casts a deep shadow over the soul of the company, the values embraced by the far-sighted, yet down-to-earth man from East-Westphalia are still the basis for the company’s long-term success. Honesty, reliability and straightforwardness. It was always important to him to be a role model and to actively live that role.

The family, the entire company management and all employees are committed to continuing his life’s work for the next generation.


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