Waterscapes – Winner of the AXOR MyEdition design competition

Waterscapes by CY+YA has been revealed as the winner of the AXOR MyEdition design competition. Chosen by an esteemed panel of judges, including Andreas Diefenbach from award-winning design studio, PHOENIX; Global Head of AXOR Marketing, Anke Sohn; and Hansgrohe UK’s Managing Director, Jay Phillips, a prototype of the winning design has been manufactured and has now gone on display at The Water Studio in Clerkenwell, London.

AXOR MyEdition design competition: Inspired by the patterns that water makes when it interacts with sound, the winning concept is now on display at the water Studio in London’s Clerkenwell.


The competition was launched to celebrate the idea of infinite design possibilities, embodied in the launch of the AXOR MyEdition collection in 2018 marking the 25th anniversary of AXOR. Pushing the boundaries of individualisation, AXOR MyEdition brassware can be purchased with a special mounting plate. The plate provides customers with the ability to create and apply their own individual designs onto the tap, utilising materials, patterns and textures to realise their personal design vision.

Competition winners: Lebanese architects and designers Cynthia El Frenn and Yara Chaker (CY+YA) are the designers behind the winning concept.

CY+YA is the collaboration of Cynthia El Frenn and Yara Chaker – Lebanese architects and designers based between London, UK and Beirut, Lebanon. Their AXOR MyEdition concept – Waterscapes – explores the science of cymatics and its potential to reveal the dynamic but subtle interaction of sound with water.

On the surface of the plate, a sculpted resin reflects the patterns that water makes when it vibrates with sound. The textural pattern is generated by reaction-diffusion algorithm that captured a range of high vibrational frequencies. The prototype designs were expertly crafted and made by Cornelius Creative product design, based in Kent, UK.

From concept to realisation: The Waterscapes concept was brought to life on the AXOR MyEdition mounting plate by Cornelius Creative.

Anke Sohn said: “AXOR has always been about creating iconic and distinctive design, and how these can be the inspiration for unique bathroom designs. Through their design, CY+YA have explored a different aspect of water movement by combining it with sound and science. We are really excited to display this one-off piece in The Water Studio, London”

Andreas Diefenbach added: “This was a thoughtful and dynamic design concept from CY+YA with a clear basis of inspiration and plan for realisation. The AXOR MyEdition collection provides a creative kit for escape and imagination – and this design truly embodies that philosophy.”

Alongside the fully customisable mounting plate, AXOR MyEdition taps are available in 15 exclusive FinishPlus Special Finishes to perfectly complement any design. In addition to its customisable aesthetic, the collection also offers a superior water experience. AXOR MyEdition is available with the innovative PowderRain spray – a first for washbasin taps. With the advantage of micro spray technology, the spray disc has six fine openings in each nozzle (instead of one), transforming the spray into thousands of micro droplets that envelop hands in a gentle cocoon of water.

The winning MyEdition tap design can be seen at The Water Studio, Clerkenwell Road, London throughout the Summer (2022).


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