Vauth-Sagel signs contract: 100,000 trees for “Plant-for-the-Planet”

Erkeln, April, 25th, 2022 – To commemorate “Arbor Day”, the Vauth-Sagel company
signed a contract that stipulates an extraordinary commitment on a considerable
scale to an initiative that is unique in the world: “Plant-for-the-Planet” aims to plant
1,000 billion new trees around the world by 2030. Vauth-Sagel is committed to
helping achieve this goal. The project was first supported during the leading
international trade fair “interzum 2021” – now the commitment is being taken to the
next level.

The idea fits perfectly with an important cornerstone of the Vauth-Sagel corporate
philosophy. Since the company was founded in 1962, sustainability has not only been
an important goal, but a matter of course. “It is increasingly influencing day-to-day
decisions. Because together with our target-oriented product development and
forward-looking corporate policy, the conscious treatment of people and the
environment represents one of the pillars of Vauth-Sagel’s success,” says Managing
Director Claus Sagel.

“Made in Germany” is not only a promise of quality at the product level; it also means
reliability, the continuous optimization of all processes, and an incentive to achieve
something of ecological and sustainable value. The “Plant- for-the-Planet” initiative of
the young visionary Felix Finkbeiner contributes precisely to this set of values of the
company. Because the climate crisis is the biggest crisis of mankind and it is time to act
now! Trees are the cheapest and most effective way to store CO2. And because
planting 1,000 billion new trees by 2030 is an ambitious undertaking, Vauth-Sagel is
very happy to support this campaign. Vauth-Sagel’s declared goal is at least 100,000
trees worldwide – reforestation projects are to be supported in the company’s core
markets in particular.

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