Things to Consider when Planning a Shower Room with JTP

Transform everyday showering and create a space that enhances wellbeing from start to finish. With an indulgent portfolio of shower products, from rainfall showers to handheld options, JTP’s unrivalled collection will allow homeowners to create a luxurious and coordinated showering scheme.
For a cohesive style story throughout, make sure to consider the shower model early on in the design process to ensure it matches all of the other elements. Showers are often isolated fixtures and they don’t always match the rest of the scheme but with the new EVO collection there is no limit to coordinated bathroom design.

A simple showering scheme can instantly become luxurious when all of the individual elements tie together perfectly. As seen here, the curvaceous silhouette and matt black finish of the basin, mirror, and EVO shower mixer add a wonderfully coordinated softness to the space, creating an indulgent and inviting shower room.

The glass enclosure is used to separate the shower area from the rest of the space, creating an elegant and free-flowing room. This light, spacious feel is accentuated further by the mirror light which illuminates the entire room.

Minimalistic aesthetics project a spa-like feel, where style is recognised through the simplicity of the design. For a clean, sleek approach, a concealed shower can be discreetly hidden behind the tiles to allow for more room to enjoy a holistic bathing experience.

For a more traditional look, an exposed shower valve will sit in front of the tiled area to inject character into the space. JTP’s HIX collection offers a stunning selection of exposed showers, available in a range of coloured finishes, adding a hint of luxury to a commonly tucked-away area.

There are both luxurious and practical options when it comes to showering – which is best determined on personal preference. For everyday use, a simple thermostatic mixer and handheld shower is an obvious choice for time and convenience. Well suited to families with small children or pets, the flexible hose of the handheld shower makes the water easier to control.

For a more sumptuous option, rain showers exude comfort. With its inviting attributes, the square overhead shower from the HIX collection will take centre stage in any bathroom, encapsulating natural beauty with its rainfall effect.

An important element in any everyday routine, JTP’s unparalleled shower portfolio provides complete functionality with the added bonus of sophisticated and stylish designs.

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