The Rise of the Mobile Showroom – a vital tool for KBB businesses

British tech start-up Zuma, has challenged the concept of a traditional showroom to bring its unique smart home technology to people’s doorsteps. As its revolutionary combination audio and lighting product needs to be experienced to be fully understood, Zuma’s mobile showroom has unlocked huge growth potential for its customer and retailer network nationwide.

Offering a truly interactive experience for customers, the Zuma van gives a 360 sound and light display, bringing its unique product offering to life. Equipped with working bezels and installation bar, customers can witness how easy it is to install the multi room wireless audio system, whilst fully immersing themselves in Zuma’s pre-set soundscapes and lighting modes including its innovative Circadian Rhythm offering.

Zuma’s mobile showroom has also proved a vital selling tool for UK trade shows and key training vehicle for its KBB retail partners. Offering a personalised sales service, providing on-site demonstrations and installation assistance, Zuma has been able to reach and fully train more independent KBB showrooms than ever before. With an ever-growing list of retailers to its name, including West One Bathrooms and Sola Kitchens, Zuma’s network continues to grow at pace.

Commenting on how the van has contributed to this growth, Morten Warren, founder and CEO of Zuma, ‘The aim behind the van was to make it as convenient as possible for people to experience our product. Zuma needs to be experienced to be understood – once people hear and see it in action, our conversion rate is incredibly high, at almost 100%. As such, having a mobile demonstration platform allows us to reach customers who might otherwise be hesitant to commit. It’s also proved incredibly effective for training purposes, helping inform our retail partners and specifiers how to install and operate our units. It’s a beautifully and cleverly designed tactile space that customers responded incredibly well to. It has proved such a useful asset to our business that we are looking to expand, having specific vans for different regions which is especially important as we enter international markets.’

As the business continues to expand, its flexible showroom concept is ideally placed to scale as a sales tool. Sarah Chiappi, Head of Sales, comments, ‘It’s incredibly exciting to be involved in Zuma’s fresh approach to the concept of a showroom. A mobile and highly personalised service is the natural next step in bringing premium service and products to interested customers. We are now working with over 140 retail partners across the UK and with our expanding fleet, we are looking to increase this figure over the next 12 months.’

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