The new Kaelo range launched at KBB Birmingham

The new Kaelo range launched at KBB Birmingham takes the innovation of an open bottle host to a new level.

Kaelo keeps drinks chilled and every drop at the perfect temperature, using patented dry-cold technology. The new Kaelo range features three completely different integration styles -the original Kaelo with a curved crown, plus 2 new Kaelo models – the Undermount and the Flush. The Undermount, hidden underneath the worktop, has a lid covering the Kaelo made from the same material as the worksurface for a true minimalist look on a kitchen island in a space designed with entertaining in mind.

Kaelo also now comes with three settings – original Kaelo mode, which maintains drinks to within a degree of the opening temperature. Red Wine mode that maintains the drink at the optimum temperature of 14-18 degrees; and Boost which gives the option to chill a bottle to 3-4 degrees colder in 30 minutes. All of this is controlled simply by touching the crown for three seconds. There is also a stunning rainbow-effect lighting which brings an element of theatre into the kitchen – perfect for creating a fun atmosphere at home when socialising with friends and family.

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