Sustano: First recyclable DuraSolid® Nature shower tray

Manufactured from the sustainable and innovative material DuraSolid® Nature.

• Sustainable, recyclable shower trays
• Can be cut to size on the construction site, up
to 100 mm can easily be taken off each side
• Maximum slip-resistance (class C) with no
additional coating for matt colours
• Low installation height (just 30 mm)
• Self-supporting
• Flexible installation: flush with the floor,
semi-recessed, or floor-mounted
• Attractive entry-level price
• Pore-free, easy-to-clean surface
• High robustness and UV-resistance
• 21 dimensions for flexible layout planning
• Six colours: five matt colours plus glossy White
• Low weight, easy to transport

Sustano is Duravit’s first recyclable DuraSolid® Nature shower tray. The shower trays feature a flat,
rimless design for installation flush with the floor in conjunction with the integrated, flush outlet
cover, they also come in a wide range of dimensions. Additionally, the range has an attractive entry level price plus six colours, enabling a unique and creative bathroom design offering, all of which are
especially suited to renovation projects.

DuraSolid® Nature: The new sustainable stone-based mineral material
Sustano represents the launch of Duravit’s new and innovative material DuraSolid® Nature for the
bathroom. The first recyclable mineral material, DuraSolid® Nature brings together a host of
outstanding qualities including low weight, adaptability, and ease of cutting on the
construction site, its robust, easy to clean, pleasant to touch, with UV-resistance, and anti-slip
properties in the matt surface versions.

Ease of installation, ideal for renovation projects
Every millimeter matters in the installation of shower trays. With their extremely low installation
height of just 30 mm, the self-supporting Sustano shower trays enable flush-mounted installation even in renovation projects with a low floor height. Alternatively, they can be installed in floormounted or semi-recessed applications. Sustano offers previously unheard-of flexibility: 100 mm can
be removed from each side of each shower tray, even on the construction site, making it simple to modify
when necessary. Their low weight makes the Sustano trays easy to handle on the construction site,
allowing them to be installed by one person.

Robust, easy to clean, and sophisticated
Sustano shower trays made from DuraSolid® Nature have high surface hardness and density, making them
comparatively impervious to damage and soiling. A soft cloth with warm water or standard cleaning
agent is all that is needed for cleaning. The pore free surface creates a sophisticated finish and a
pleasantly warm, appealing feeling on the skin. The versions in matt colours feature a velvety surface,
with a somewhat smoother surface feel with the glossy colours. The flat, easy-to-clean outlet cover
with a lattice structure in the same colour as the shower tray integrates into the trays unobtrusively,
in both visual and tactile terms. The cover is also optionally available in stainless steel.

Maximum safety and accessibility
The material’s special surface texture means that Sustano shower trays with a matt surface attain
anti-slip class C with no additional coating. This is the highest classification for wet (barefoot)
areas, like shower rooms, and thus guarantees maximum safety. The surface of the glossy White
variant is comparable to Duravit’s acrylic shower trays. The 1200 x 1200 mm flush-mounted Sustano
model is also suitable for accessible bathroom planning and can be utilized with a wheelchair.

Versatile design options
The Sustano can be installed flush with the floor, semi-recessed, or on the floor tiles depending on
structural factors and personal preference. The flush-mounted application is particularly
impressive, as it lends itself to a seamless spaciousness. The elegant, calm design language of
the shower tray is perfectly attuned to the contemporary bathroom. Featuring 21 sizes, the ideal
solution can be found for almost any new-build or renovation project. With five attractive matt
colours – White Matt, Matt Crème, Matt Light Gray, Matt Greige, and Matt Dark Gray as well as a glossy
White, Sustano offers a range of options to match the colour scheme of any bathroom.

Sustainable, recyclable material
Duravit is mindful of the responsibility it bears when it comes to the environment, its employees, and
future generations. A complete bathroom solutions provider, Duravit is committed to treating resources
with respect and supplying products that are especially long-lasting and sustainable. “We live
and breathe sustainability along our value-creation chain, with a clear focus on the four dimensions of
water, resources, climate, and social commitment. Our actions – in all strategic areas – are being
reviewed and optimized from the perspective of sustainability,” said CEO Stephan Tahy.
Thanks to their low weight, Sustano shower trays are lighter to transport, thereby contributing to the
reduction of CO2 emissions. Even more important is the material’s durability and recyclability
following the usage phase. After the end of their useful life, Sustano shower
trays made from DuraSolid® Nature can be returned either to Duravit or to a local recycling center to
keep within the life-cycle principle. The recycled materials can be reused to manufacture new shower
trays or can be applied to industrial use, e.g. the
manufacture of pivot bearings.

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