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If you’re looking to renew your bathroom, searching for practical bathroom details, we welcome you to our stylish world of bathroom accessories with a strong classic Scandinavian design.

Practical and stylish shower baskets
A nice shower is lovely and relaxing. But when the water washes over you, you don’t want to start looking for shampoo – it should be within easy reach. The shower basket keeps all your containers in place, it’s not only practical but also an elegant detail that should fit the design of your bathroom.

At Smedbo we have several shower baskets to choose from. Straight baskets are available in one, two and three levels, and corner baskets in one and two levels.

some of our baskets are quickly and easily hung over the shower riser rail, or the shower mixer. We also offer baskets that can be glued on tiles together with a mounting plate. Shower baskets are usually found in bathrooms, which puts extra high demands on materials. Therefore, our baskets are made of solid brass that never rusts. Smedbo shower baskets have a 10-year warranty.

With our wide range, we offer shower baskets for all bathrooms and needs. The shower baskets are available at Smedbo resellers.

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