Small bathrooms: bathtub solutions for every space

The bath is often first to be sacrificed when space poses a challenge in bathroom design. But why is this? “The decision of bath versus shower should be made by people not the space!”, says Claudie Horel, Senior Product Manager in the Wellness Division at Villeroy & Boch. The bathroom specialist therefore offers compact bathtubs designed to fit into even the smallest corner – and transform the bathroom into a personal well-being haven.

Bathtub for one

When every centimetre counts, you can easily scale your bathtub down a little without compromising on relaxation. Villeroy & Boch’s built-in baths are available in dimensions starting from 1.40 x 0.70 metres. When planning a bath for single use, the design of the inner tub plays an important role too. With just one sloping side, so-called ‘solo baths’ create more space inside the tub, allowing one person to lie comfortably while reducing the overall length.

Clever use of space

Size isn’t always the determining factor: clever use of architectural features can also help you integrate a bathtub in a small space. For example, you can install a bath below a sloping ceiling or a large window – spaces that couldn’t even be considered for a shower. Even a galley bathroom can accommodate a bath: given that length is generally not an issue in this case, valuable centimetres can be saved with widths from 0.70 metres. In combination with a shower screen or simply a curtain, the bath can also double up as a shower.

And what about freestanding?

Many people dream of a freestanding bath in the bathroom – even in smaller spaces. The Finion and Theano freestanding baths are among the most compact in their class. Theano is available in lengths starting from 1.55 metres. Finion, with its linear straight-walled design, combines a spacious inner tub with compact outer dimensions. If this is still not quite right, Claudie Horel advises a so-called back-to-wall bath: “A back-to-wall bath blends harmoniously with the wall and saves a lot of space,” she explains. Villeroy & Boch offers a wide selection of modern back-to-wall baths, including Collaro, Loop & Friends and Oberon 2.0. Installed against a wall or in a corner, their monolith design comes closest to the impression of a freestanding bath.

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