Sleek & chic: Caple’s new low-profile gas hob collection

Appliance specialist Caple’s new gas hob collection features a super-sleek low profile, sitting just 1.2mm above the worktop. Designed in ultra-durable stainless steel with cast iron magnetic pan supports, there are four new models to choose from – C7061G (pictured above), C7011G, C7071G and C7091G.


Product manager Luke Shipway explains: “Our new low-profile gas hobs not only look contemporary but they are easy to clean and have been designed with fingerprint resistant stainless steel. With a minimalist 1.2mm edge, we’ve added dial controls and a variety of burner configurations for each hob, all of which include a triple ring burner and a simmer burner. ”

Gas hobs continue to be popular with professional chefs due to their controllability – you can benefit from an instant flame and it’s easy to turn the temperature up or down and view the intensity of the flame while cooking.

The C7061G gas hob, 591mmW, features one triple ring burner, two semi-rapid burners and one simmer burner, £423; the C7071G and the C7091G have one triple ring burner, one rapid burner, two semi-rapid burners and one simmer burner – the only difference is their size and therefore price – 760mmW for the C7071G, £497, and 860mmW for the C7091G hob, £552. Caple also showcases a ribbon version – the C7011G gas hob, £515, which measures 1000mm. All models come with a flame safety device, auto electronic ignition and LPG jets.

To view the full product specification for each and to buy, click C7061GC7071GC7091G and the C7011G or find your local retailer by looking for ‘WHERE TO BUY?’ at the top of the Caple websiteFor more information on Caple’s extensive portfolio of gas hobs, please click here and read our new hobs blog here.

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