Showerwall Raises £1,170 in partnership with The Pink Ribbon Foundation

Showerwall, the leading wall panel brand, is delighted to announce that through its recent collaboration with The Pink Ribbon Foundation it has managed to raise over £1100 for the charity.

To mark Breast Cancer Awareness month, which took place in October, Showerwall pledged its support to The Pink Ribbon Foundation by donating money from every sale of its acrylic panels which featured the colour pink. The campaign took place over a three-month period, finishing at the end of December 2022 with a total of £1,170 raised.

As part of the collaboration, Showerwall also helped to educate people about the importance of regular ‘self-checks’ in the shower, via a social media campaign that was supported by Instagram influencers who shared their experiences of being impacted by breast cancer.

Steph Harris, Showerwall’s Product Manager, said: “Working with the Pink Ribbon Foundation has been an incredible experience. It was not only about raising money for the charity, which of course is of vital importance, it was also about trying to raise awareness of the importance of ‘self-checks’ which in turn can help with the early detection of breast cancer and could potentially be lifesaving.

“We’re proud to have worked with a charity that supports all those affected by breast cancer, and we’re looking forward to collaborating again in the future.”

The Pink Ribbon Foundation provides financial support to UK charities supporting those living with or affected by breast cancer, alongside those involved in further research, early detection, and treatment of the disease.

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