Regal Restoration gets the bespoke treatment Cashel Palace, co. Tipperary, Ireland.

Luxury design and clean lines help to emphasise the historic beauty of one of Ireland’s most beautiful period properties.

After undergoing an extensive renovation to restore the architectural gem to its former glory, Cashel Palace re-opened its doors to guests in March 2022.

Built in 1732 as a home for Archbishops, the Palladian Style manor is situated at the Rock of Cashel in Tipperary. With great appreciation of the property’s rich history, Smallwood Architects were appointed to sensitively modernise and extend the building, restoring qualities that had been lost in previous renovations. 

The resulting five-star hotel, which includes 61 bedrooms and an elegant spa, is designed to celebrate its heritage and offer guests an idyllic space to relax and create memories. 

Tasked with establishing a high-end bathroom design, Waterloo Bathrooms chose to work with MERLYN, confident that they could supply premium-quality solutions, on time.

Dermot McKeon, owner of Waterloo Bathrooms, said “We have a long-standing relationship with MERLYN. Their bespoke service ensured that each enclosure was a perfect fit, and we had their support every step of the way”

Luxury design and clean lines combined to create subtle shower enclosures that complement the historical beauty of the space. 

The Arysto 10 shower enclosures feature toughened 10mm glass and bigger hinges, providing a stylish yet robust effect that can withstand constant use. 

To match the minimalist style, horizontal handles and sandblast strips were selected, with bespoke notch cuts allowing enclosures to fit neatly around half-height walls. And reaching a height of 2.4m, the spa boasts one of MERLYN’s highest bespoke shower installations, for an added sense of grandeur.  

For a seamless result throughout the hotel, all 70 chrome Arysto 10 hinge and inline doors were supplied in a 700mm width, for continuity, while incorporating bespoke heights and detailing.

MERLYN’s Specification Team supports clients in the planning, design, installation and after-sales care on all projects big and small. With you every step of the way, the bespoke design service help to handpick tailor the best solutions to meet your showering environment needs.  

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