Reframe Collection: A single shelf perfect for the bathroom-When less offers More!

It is not often that providing less offers more, however, the stylish shower shelf from Unidrain’s
Reframe Collection is now available without the co-ordinating wiper.
Crafted from reinforced steel the shelf is available in five different colour options; copper, brass,
brushed stainless steel, polished stainless steel and black. This enables specifiers and interior
designers to match or contrast accessories with the other fixtures and fittings in the bathroom.
The shelf with its sleek grooves and anti-slip surface when paired with the wiper was a little too
practical for the hotel and hospitality sector. Therefore, Unidrain have bowed to numerous demands
and the shelf can now be installed as a single unit, destined to grace the most elegant hotel
bathrooms. However, the wiper can be added at a later date if required.

The shower shelf is part of Unidrain’s Reframe Collection; a series of bathroom accessories
comprising of stylish components such as towel hooks, toilet brushes and toilet roll holders.
Each piece is designed with the same elegant lines alongside Unidrain’s unique and award winning
Danish design style.

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