Reclaimed, Reimagined and Reinvented: Genuine Antique Stone and Terracotta Floors from Lapicida


With an unrivalled elegance and charm, genuine antique reclaimed stone floors bring not only timeless style to interiors,
but also a sense of history and are the ultimate sustainable product.
Lapicida has always specialised in reclaiming antique floors, offering the most characterful of traditional native stones
from England, France, Italy and further afield. Carefully salvaged from their original locations, the stones are packed
and transported back to Lapicida’s Harrogate workshops, where they are sorted and cleaned by hand.
Their approach to reclaimed stone is unique, combining advanced machine technology with artisan craftmanship to
custom-cut and transform random sized flags into regularly-dimensioned pieces to meet standard regulations without
affecting or detracting from their beauty.
No two stones are the same with each displaying rare characteristics and features, resulting from the natural aging
process over centuries. As Lapicida’s antique floors are entirely recycled, they are an environmentally friendly choice,
bringing style and sophistication to the home without damaging the planet.
Genuine reclaimed stone from £354 per m² and genuine reclaimed terracotta from £234 per m2.


Antique stone is a precious resource and Lapicida’s skilled craftsmen use high-tech cutting equipment to make the most
of individual pieces, slicing horizontally through the thickest slabs to reveal up to three different ‘faces’. The first face,
perfect for floors or walls, is the premium stone, bearing all the patina of the past. The second face, also used for floors
and walls, has a smooth finish on both sides. The underside of the stone becomes the third face; always the most
irregular and characterful, it’s used to give a rough, natural beauty to walls.

Alongside their Genuine Antique Stone flags, Lapicida also offer fantastic ‘get the look’ new-generation porcelains when
the practicalities of using natural materials prove challenging in terms of access, weight and fixing. Using the latest
cutting-edge technology, they capture the authentic look and feel of antique stone, perfectly replicating and reinventing
the unique charm, beauty and characteristics of traditional stone tiles but with the easy installation, affordability and
extraordinary durability of porcelain.

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