Pronteau Propure commissioned for Eco Water Tower project


Abode, award-winning designer and distributor of market leading kitchen taps, sinks, bathroom taps & showering solutions bring eco-luxe convenience to a unique water tower restoration project in Castle Acre, Norfolk with Pronteau: a high-specification range of steaming hot water taps with exclusive safety features.

Paul Illingworth, Design Manager at Abode says, “We were delighted to be a part of this project alongside property owner Dennis Pedersen and Tonkin Liu Architects, as they meticulously came together to reimagine a derelict industrial water tank into a contemporary, family home. Dennis purchased the water tower at auction for £20,000 in 2015, and then project-managed all the building work himself to save money and realise Tonkin Liu’s architectural vision with the help of a local builder.

Following the addition of a new CLT timber tower and careful infilling, the original water tank is now an open-plan kitchen living space complete with Pronteau Propure 4 IN 1 steaming hot water tap in ultra-fashionable Urban Copper finish. Offering domestic cold, hot, filtered cold and up to 98° steaming hot water, the Propure hot water tap removes the need for a kettle and water-filter jugs, which take up valuable space and will save you time and money in the long run. As the property needs to cater to a family of four, the additional breakfast room on the second floor, is also designed with a Pronteau Propure 4 IN 1, to ensure the height of convenience, design continuity and eco luxury in the modern home and living space.”

The WRAS Approved highly intelligent PROBOIL.2X hot water boiler, offers fast and trouble-free delivery of steaming hot filtered water at the touch of a handle. The next generation in intelligent hot water boilers and rigorously field-tested, the PROBOIL Boiler range currently offers a 2-litre stainless steel tank, toolless installation and is an insulated model with low running costs, quick re-boil times and simple intuitive digital controls.

The 160 sqm Water Tower project, is testament to the increasing demand and complexity in personalised building projects across the UK, with over 86% of construction professionals anticipating they will be ‘very busy’ in 2022, as well-considered home improvements are set to continue. As the trend for flexible kitchen living is a key focus for today’s multi-generational homes, homeowners want to make sustainable choices wherever possible. Pronteau by Abode is the ideal way to combine high function design with a superior style, heightened level of safety and sustainable operation.

Available in nine different designs, Pronteau by Abode offers a range of WRAS approved steaming hot water taps, all regulated and approved under the Water Regulatory Advisory Scheme having undergone extensive testing to ensure these taps do not cause waste or undue consumption. What’s more, all components within the Pronteau hot water tap system are also WRAS approved; an essential accreditation that demonstrates Abode’s commitment to designing compliant products which are future-ready with enhanced longevity. And to ensure extra peace of mind in a busy household, all Pronteau hot taps are insulated which means the water is hotter at the end of the spout but the outside surface remains cool to touch.

Leanne Adamson, Marketing Manager at Abode says, “We believe that safety and sustainability go hand in hand in interior design and construction, which is why we continually invest in new product development to ensure our designs are fit for purpose. As a practical example, our exclusive Filter Recycle Scheme enables end users to return redundant filters directly to us for recycling. In fact, a filter tap not only makes it easier to drink better tasting water, they are also great in hard water areas, like the South and East of England. Delivering an endless supply of fresh filtered water on tap, this type of kitchen solution will assist around 60% of the UK, who are already classified as having hard or very hard water! Plus, as drinking more water continues to be strongly encouraged by health professionals, a filter water tap is investing in both your home and personal health.”

Pronteau 4 IN 1 steaming hot water taps also empower the end user with a range of incentives, helping them to reduce single use plastic and ultimately save time, water and money. Convenient and practical, Pronteau will help save up to 2920 plastic water bottles each year, plus homeowners can also retire the kettle making significant energy savings by avoiding the need to boil the kettle, which is reported to be on average 4 times a day = 2500 times each year minimum.

As well as living a more sustainable lifestyle, the Pedersen family also benefits from an acclaimed aftersales service from the dedicated team of Pronteau specialists, as well as a Pronteau Install Fleet, Technical Support hotlines and customer website In addition, Pronteau taps carry a comprehensive warranty on material and workmanship.

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