Panelco – Innovation Insight Event

Panelco hosted a two day Innovation Insight Event at their head office in Stoke-on-Trent. The two day affair did not disappoint, packed full of innovation new designs and textures many displayed for the first time in the UK. Partnering with three of their major brands, ALVIC, EGGER and UNILIN this event was certainly an exclusive assemble.

The main Design Studio displayed 56 Alvic decors in large format style providing an impressive feature across the majority of the room. This diverse range from Alvic really does provide something for everyone but not only that something unique for all. A full display of high gloss high resistance panels, embossed surface textures, striking metallic elements and the soft supermatt luxury silk touch surfaces. Across one wall the unique Croma sunset design was on show in a striking piece of furniture which really was a highlight.

Over on the other side of the Studio Unilin displayed the UK decorative collection, 44 decors consisting of solid colours, lifelike stone finishes, the intricate weave texture, the new generation of Master oak in various hues and the new geometric Hive texture which was a hit with everyone! The second Design Forum was taken over across the two days by EGGER and the room was transformed with large graphics and mood boards detailing the new introductions, digital services on offer, recent upgrades in the perfect sense gloss laminate range, the advantages of choosing Egger’s Flammex range and a real focus on sustainability.

Presentations took place across the two days where customers were shown the new additions to the decorative collection and the new TM9 perfect sense structure. Panelco provided refreshments all day along with factory tours where customers were blown away with the sheer size and mix of products across the site.

And in true Panelco style a thank you gift bag was given to everyone that attended which was packed with goodies. The sheer hard work provided by all the staff involved and their partners was obvious and the event was a huge success so much so that Panelco are already planning their next one for January 2023 watch this space.

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