Outdoor refreshment has never been so chic

With the trend for garden and outdoor entertaining showing no sign of slowing down, this summer promises plenty of al fresco dining and socialising as outdoor spaces continue to become extensions of our homes. As people look to create a stylish and convenient way to transform their gardens for entertaining, leading refrigeration manufacturer, Liebherr, makes this even more seamless with its OKes 1750 Outdoor Cooler which is designed specifically to use outside. It takes care of the food and drink amongst the elements, thanks to its weatherproof materials, robust construction and high-quality materials. ​

​Perfect storage for a family get together and parties, the contents of the cooler remains fresh and ready to eat or drink. With plenty of storage for small and large packages, bottles and condiments through shelving and door racks, the Outdoor Cooler operates with maximum functionality at a range of temperatures to suit any occasion. Both beverages and food such as grilled vegetables, sauces, or meat can be optimally stored in the Outdoor Cooler: the interior can be flexibly adapted to the height of different foodstuffs, bottle sizes, or containers. Dependent on requirements, the cooling temperature can be adjusted between +2°C and +14°C. ​

“The key for outdoor kitchen design is freedom and creating a space that is fresh and allows people to enjoy their surroundings. With food and drink at the heart of home entertaining, refrigeration is one of the most important considerations. Our leading product in outdoor refrigeration, OKes 1750, has been developed to withstand temperatures from +2oC to +35oC. 

If the temperature drops below +2oC, the appliance automatically shuts down to protect itself. Additionally, the flexible and ergonomic interior layout allows you to adjust the interior layout to your needs and the adjustable cooling temperatures ensure that food and beverages stay cool and fresh for longer. It is these types of functional and innovative features that are key differentiating factors to indoor vs outdoor refrigeration.” 

Visit Liebherr’s website to view the full product range and offering at www.home.Liebherr.com

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