Omega PLC puts employees at the forefront of work force initiatives

British kitchen manufacturers Omega PLC is proud of their hard-working employees and puts their wellbeing and health at the heart of workforce initiatives.  Omega PLC CEO Simon Barber says, Omega values all its workforce and recognises the impact we have on our employees, their wider families and community.  We put people at the forefront of our business, with continued investment, development and trust to ensure we are all the best we can be.”  The Yorkshire based manufacturer is a supporter of the Living Wage and has acted on the current cost-of-living crisis with a monthly bonus paid to employees.

Omega organises company-wide health screenings and, following the pandemic and to combat the stresses of the modern world Omega implemented the award-winning help@hand UNUM app, an intuitive, easy-to-use adviser portal which provides all staff with free support across their mental and physical health as well as wellbeing.  In 2021 Omega introduced a Benefit Hub giving employees access to great savings across entertaining, shopping and family activities.

Omega is part of the cycle to work scheme which promotes a more active lifestyle, celebrates the benefits exercise has on mental as well as physical health whilst benefitting the local community by reducing emissions and traffic during rush hour.  As part of the comprehensive all- staff life insurance scheme Omega employees benefit from major discounts on gym memberships and active online classes.  Continuing the promotion of healthier lifestyle choices, the business provides fruit baskets and give each employee a re-usable water bottle to encourage better hydration and overall health.

Wellbeing Wednesday at Omega.  All staff are provided with free fruit.

From L-R, Kevin Pugh, Richard Clark, Curtis Shearer and Giorgia Fortunato

Omega recognises the imbalance of men to women within the kitchen manufacturing sector and accept this as a challenge to the overall business.  Omega is an equal opportunities employer with salaries based on the ability to undertake a role and not on gender and Omega is working to change perceptions of the industry through the employment of more women choosing the career path.

As an organisation Omega continually evaluate the economic environment and the challenges facing their employees using this information to develop initiatives at all levels of the business to improve the lives of their work force, their families and in turn the local community.

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