New Logistics & Operations Manager for Reginox UK

Sinks, taps and accessories manufacturer, Reginox UK, has bolstered its Logistics and Operations team by bringing Greg Warwick on board as manager.

Greg has joined Reginox UK, based on Radnor Park Trading Estate in Congleton, as its Logistics & Operations Manager, and has grand plans in his new role.

With more than 30 years of experience in this area, Greg will be managing the Reginox UK warehouse team, as well as maintaining all Health and Safety measures in place, managing stock levels and cross-checking finance and budgets.

Greg will be reporting to Reginox UK’s Commercial Director, Dave Mayer, monthly, outlining processes and workload figures.

Dave Mayer, Commercial Director of Reginox UK, said: “Greg is bringing more than 30 years of experience in Logistics and Operations to our team and we’re really excited to see how he puts his plans into action.

“We’ve already seen how he helped us implement a new scanning system at the back of last year – which ensures more accurate stock holding information – and we’re looking forward to seeing how this is continuing to improve how we do things here.

“Greg’s attention to detail is just what we need at Reginox UK.”

Greg added: “Ultimately, I want to ensure accuracy and efficiency from the warehouse team, because they have the knowledge and experience to ensure our customers are treated properly.

“I helped bring in the new scanning system to help make our warehouse more streamlined – it’s working well so far but there’s always room for improvement.

“I support the warehouse team members in day-to-day activities, but I also want to help improve our customer focus, while boosting their own knowledge and self-confidence.

“I want the whole team to realise how important they are to the business, and how much their attitude and commitment is appreciated by me and the company in general.”

This is the latest corporate announcement from Reginox, which saw the Sinks, taps and accessories manufacturer announce Dave Mayer, the previous Sales and Marketing Director, who has been with Reginox for over 20 years, be promoted to Commercial Director, earlier this year.

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