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Ways to create a natural kitchen

Natural kitchen décor is all about mixing raw materials, organic elements and earthy hues that mimic nature’s serenity.

We’re here to show you how to create a natural-looking, nature-inspired kitchen that won’t cost you the Earth (pun intended).

Bring a serene feel to your home with our natural kitchen ideas. Use on their own or combine with each other. Here’s our top suggestions:








Glorious Greens

Whether used sparingly or daringly, our Hunter Green and New Forest finishes are a great way to bring lush greenery into your home

Life-like design features

Incorporating wood finishes into your kitchen design doesn’t have to only be kitchen doors. Consider wood-effect worktops, open shelving, handle rails, plinths, cabinetry or even crate drawers.

Natural Materials

Relish in the natural character of your home by embracing the original structure. Leaving wooden beams open and revealing brick walls will add charm, further enhance the design by utilising wood textures within the kitchen project.

Stone finishes

Organic stone textures work well in modern natural kitchens. Select your kitchen door and worktop in the same finish for a visual impact and a tactile appearance.


Indoor plants add personality to your kitchen space, while bring the natural outdoors inside. Not only do kitchen plants brighten up your space, but they also come with additional health and aesthetic benefits as they cleanse the air. We love it!


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