Mark Mills, Managing Director of Mereway Kitchen talks about kitchen trends for 2023.

After a turbulent 2022, we are looking to the new year with optimism but of course mixed with a certain amount of realism. We appreciate that this year is going to have its moments so creating a space within our homes to unwind and relax is key. We believe 2023 will be all about comfort, we have already seen the emergence of the Comfortcore trend, but I would take it further to say it is about serenity and peace. This may seem an impossible vibe to translate into a kitchen, often the busiest, chaotic and noisiest room in the house. In fact, it is relatively easy to achieve if we keep clutter to a minimum, optimising storage in clever and hidden ways and concealing utilities where we can. The popularity of separate utility rooms bear testament to the desire to have, and the importance of a distinction between chores and relaxation. Integrating beautiful colours inspired by nature and our natural surroundings is key to creating a kitchen that eases stress and encourages repose. The 2023 kitchen needs to reflect living and being – not necessarily doing.

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