Kitchen Specialists Join NBS Customer Ranks

Today, NBS, a leading specification platform for the construction industry, has announced its partnership with premium appliance manufacturer, Miele, in a move that will see specific kitchen appliances become available on NBS Source for the very first time.

The collaboration is set to enhance NBS’ specification offering, bringing a range of innovative kitchen products to the fingertips of architects and designers working on new build construction projects.

By introducing Miele’s tried and tested range into its products platform, both companies aim to encourage the further uptake of digital specification within kitchen setups – which has grown increasingly popular in recent years due to the need for crucial product information data. The range is set to feature ovens, hob, extractors, dishwashers, refrigerators and combination microwaves.

As a company known for creating some of the best and most reliable kitchen appliances on the market, Miele was able to exceed the strict quality and safety criteria needed to list products in NBS Source.

Phil Slater, Head of Projects at Miele said, “We’re proud to be bringing Miele products to the NBS platform. One of the main reasons for becoming an NBS customer is that it will allow us to join the conversation earlier on in the specification process, where we know decisions are being made.

“Miele is known for creating high-quality products that are designed and built to last – most are tested to perform for 20 years, making them extremely sustainable. We’re also market leaders in terms of energy standards, with our products achieving the best possible ratings within their categories. It’s these high standards that we want specifiers to be aware of – so when they choose Miele, they know they’re getting the best quality and assurance.”

Lee Jones, Head of Manufacturer Solutions at NBS and Acting Head of Sustainability at NBS’ parent company Byggfakta Group said: “Having Miele on board is another feather in our cap in terms of what we can offer to our specifier customer base. The company has always had a reputation for quality and in today’s climate where safety and efficiency are key drivers, it’s important for specifiers to have brands they can trust.

“This is an exciting time for kitchen specification – more and more business is being done using online specification platforms due to its speed and accuracy. It’s the way the industry is heading and Miele is right here at the forefront, placing its range on NBS Source where they know it will reach the right audience.”

NBS has two flagship tools – NBS Source, which provides built environment professionals with an extensive product database. Through a powerful and intuitive search tool, specifiers can find the right products and manufacturers they need to complete projects.

The other, NBS Chorus, actively supports specifiers and architects, providing them with easy access to high-quality product data as well as the latest in performance data, digital objects (BIM components), digital specifications, catalogues and images.

Both digital platforms present information in a detailed and structured format, shaping performance criteria and certification as well as improving efficiencies. All this equates to a more vibrant and connected sector.

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