The award-winning Art Deco range by luxury appliance brand Kaiser is formed of classical-style appliances including built-in ovens and microwaves, induction hobs, cooker hoods and wine coolers. The unique collection is an ideal solution for independent kitchen specialists working with customers that have a well-defined taste for retro styling.

The Art Deco range is designed to make a statement with its distinct style, while benefitting from innovative technologies and robust German engineering to ensure exceptional functionality and longevity. Honoured with the 2020 German Design Award for excellent product design, the Art Deco range perfectly complements traditional-style kitchens and is great for retailers and designers who are seeking appliances to accompany a classical kitchen design.

Consumers can choose between ivory or anthracite black coloured cooking appliances, each with antique gold-coloured detailing for an added touch of opulence. Kaiser’s Art Deco single electric ovens benefit from a generous 70 litre capacity, 10 different cooking modes and thermo-reflective glass on the oven door; ensuring it’s cool to touch from the outside. Its induction hobs boast two highly adaptable Free Zone cooking areas, which can be used as large rectangular cooking zones or four square cooking zones. The built-in microwaves offer both grill and fan-assisted cooking, as well as the traditional microwave function. Finally, its chimney-style cooker hoods are easy to operate with three speed controls to ensure the kitchen is rid of cooking vapours and smells.

What’s more, the Kaiser beer and wine cooler (K 64800 AD) is the height of luxury for the home. It makes a great addition to a showroom and attracts customers looking to take their kitchen to the next level. The premium appliance benefits from a generous capacity, storing up to 20 wine bottles and 63 canned beers, with two independent climate zones ensuring the different drinks can be stored at the optimum temperatures. Part of the Kaiser Art Deco range, the beer and wine cooler boasts an anthracite black finish, leather covered handles and antique gold-coloured detailing.

Niko Skarlatos, Director, Kaiser Appliances UK, says: “The Art Deco range is one of Kaiser’s most distinctive collections of appliances and we are excited to introduce it to the UK. Kaiser is a well-established brand, founded in Germany in 1995 and following huge success in over 15 countries, we introduced Kaiser to the UK in 2022. We are excited to work closely with the many independent kitchen specialists across the UK and hope that our retro Art Deco range becomes the perfect fit for those working with customers seeking a more traditional-style kitchen.”

For more information on the Art Deco collection, or any other range of appliances available from Kaiser, please contact the sales team on sales@kaiser.co.uk or visit the website at www.kaiser.co.uk

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