Kaiser Appliances are now available in the UK – With Strong Stock Levels To Support Retailers

Introduced into the UK in January 2022, Kaiser appliances are now available for UK retailers to order. What’s more, to meet the surge in demand for home appliances, Kaiser boasts strong levels of stock at its Hertfordshire warehouse.

Luxury appliance brand, Kaiser has a distinctive collection of major domestic appliances that can be specified for brand new kitchen designs. With ranges boasting leather handles and brass coated controls, Kaiser appliances are designed to make a statement in the home. In addition to their unique attributes, the latest appliances available from Kaiser benefit from innovative technologies and robust German engineering to ensure exceptional functionality and longevity. From statement island hoods to built-in ovens complete with air-fryer technology, Kaiser manufactures a diverse selection of appliances to suit an array of consumer needs, styles and cooking preferences.

To support independent kitchen retailers, Kaiser offers free UK delivery, from its well-stocked Stevenage warehouse, professional installation services, a UK based customer care team in addition to 24 month product warranties and UK wide parts and servicing operations.

Niko Skarlatos, Director, Kaiser Appliances UK, says: “We’re delighted to announce that our uniquely designed, German engineered, collection of appliances is now available for retailers throughout the UK to implement within new kitchen designs. Our Kaiser UK warehouse is well-stocked and can offer support to those projects that may be on-hold due to appliance shortages.

“We are looking forward to working with independent kitchen specialists, offering appliances from a well-established European brand that places consumers’ needs at the core of its appliance designs and operations.”

For more information on appliances available from Kaiser, please contact the sales team: sales@kaiser.co.uk

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