Introducing the stunning Flamberge Rôtisserie from La Cornue

La Cornue’s Flamberge Rôtisserie is perfect for adding culinary theatre to any kitchen. The ingenious design combines stylish aesthetics with professional performance, optimising the circulation of heat and ensuring consistent cooking. This method of cooking – which is perfect for everything from whole chickens, meat and fish to vegetables and fruit – intensifies flavours and results in deliciously succulent dishes.

Crafted from cast iron and steel, the Flamberge Rôtisserie is a signature piece and a great addition to any kitchen. It creates a striking focal point on a wall and a mesmerizing aesthetic, as food roasts on the spits or cooks in the fish basket. Plus, the Maison La Cornue tray collects the cooking juices for added flavouring, for sauces, or for accompanying dishes.

The Flamberge Rôtisserie does not require a flue, so it’s ready to incorporate into any kitchen. And La Cornue’s special cabinet option can hold the rôtisserie while providing extra storage.

The Flamberge Rôtisserie is heated by a powerful gas burner set beneath three motorized spits. Synthetic wicks pull the heat up through the vaulted back of the unit, allowing the radiant heat to gently cook foods as they rotate slowly on a spit over the flame.

Further information

The Flamberge rôtisserie is available in stainless steel or more than 40 standard and premium enamel finishes including Antique White, Brilliant Black and Provence Blue. Trims and knobs are available in a range of options, including brushed stainless steel, copper and polished brass, so you can make it truly your own.

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