Introducing Pronteau HotKey® by Abode | Steaming. Stylish. Safe.

Abode, award-winning hot tap specialists and leading designer and distributor of market leading kitchen mixers, sinks, bathroom taps & showering solutions introduce Pronteau HotKey®: a range of 4 IN 1 instant hot water taps with new PROBOIL.4E boiler, which are steaming, stylish and safe! Available 1 August 2022.

STEAMING – All products in the Pronteau HotKey® range offer 4 functions: 75-98° instant filtered steaming hot water, refreshing filtered cold water and everyday hot and cold water. Why 98°C hot? During development, Abode considered every aspect of safety, both for the dispensing of steaming hot water and the maximum temperature for stored water in the boiler. By dispensing steaming hot water from 75°C to a maximum 98°C, Pronteau steaming hot water taps are fully compliant with Part G(3) of the UK Building Regulations. Plus, all Pronteau steaming hot water taps are insulated which means the water is hot at the end of the spout, but the outside surface remains cool to the touch.

STYLISH – The new range of Pronteau HotKey® taps offer an array of stylish, contemporary designs including swan and quad spout monoblocs in a selection of on-trend finishes, and unique 3-part designs like the pictured Profile 3-part 4 IN 1 Swan in Antique Brass. Opting for a 4 IN 1 hot water tap in a 3-part design will add the optimum level of luxury in any style of kitchen. There are 5 beautiful finishes available across the range including Chrome, Brushed Nickel, Matt Black, Antique Brass and Brushed Brass.

SAFE – The patented Pronteau HotKey® technology could just be the safest way to dispense steaming hot water. Without the HotKey® the steaming hot water cannot be activated, hide it away or up high from little ones and the tap will only perform as a 3-way mixer tap. As well as this safety benefit, this tap is also great for anyone with dexterity difficulties or conditions such as arthritis, so users can avoid pushing down, turning and sliding the handle in order to trigger the water flow.

The discreet HotKey® fob can be hidden out of children’s reach, placed high up on a magnetic surface like an extractor or fridge-freezer, or on the back of the tap for optimum safety. Hidden inside the tap body, a proximity sensor detects when the HotKey® is nearby, activating the boiler to pump steaming hot water through a separate central channel to the spout and without it, the tap becomes an ordinary 3-way mixer.


NEW & EXCLUSIVE – The PROBOIL.4E boiler has been designed exclusively for the new Pronteau 4 IN 1 HotKey® range by Abode. Packed with a series of features, this new boiler includes:

– Biggest capacity yet at 4L, delivering up to 100 cups per hour

– Compact size: able to fit in a Belfast/Butler sink base cabinet

– Filter life indicator display

– Colour coded push fit connectors

– Intuitive digital display with temperature control

All Pronteau HotKey® systems are supplied with the company’s premium water optimisation filter to give you the best protection, flexibility and increased capacity. Offering a capacity of 1500L and a bypass function allowing you to set the filter to match the hardness of your water to ensure optimum performance and longevity. This filter offers supreme water filtration and scale control and is part of the free of charge Abode filter recycle scheme. Simply send the expired filter back to Abode, gratis via Royal Mail, ensuring a no cost and straight-forward solution for both the home and environment.

New Pronteau HotKey® by Abode | 4 IN 1 with PROBOIL.4E – models include:

New Pronteau HotKey® 4 IN 1 Profile Collection – swan spout, lever handles

Monobloc Antique Brass PT1051 | Chrome PT1001-2 | Brushed Nickel PT1002-2 | Matt Black PT1026-2

3-part Antique Brass PT1053 | Chrome PT1007 | Brushed Nickel PT1008-2

Right image: Pronteau HotKey® Profile 3-part 4 IN 1 Antique Brass at £1349 (PT1053)

Centre image: Pronteau HotKey® Profile Monobloc 4 IN 1 Black at £1249 (PT1026-2)

New Pronteau HotKey® 4 IN 1 Project Collection – quad spout, lever handles

Monobloc Brushed Brass PT1052 | Matt Black PT1027-2 | Chrome PT1003-2 | Brushed Nickel PT1004-2

3-part Matt Black PT1054 | Chrome PT1009-2 | Brushed Nickel PT1010-2

Left image: Pronteau HotKey® Project Monobloc 4 IN 1 Brushed Brass at £1249 (PT1052)

New Pronteau HotKey® 4 IN 1 Province Collection – swan spout, white lever handles

Monobloc Antique Brass PT1019-2 | Chrome PT1005-2 | Brushed Nickel PT1006-2

Each Pronteau HotKey® model is supplied with two 4 IN 1 HotKey® fobs, and if you need a replacement simply order direct from Abode, with prices starting from £12, Chrome. A replacement Pronteau PROBOIL4E Filter Cartridge (Single) is priced at £99, and will last 6-12 months dependant on water hardness and usage. For the full range of Pronteau accessories, please visit the online shop here:

For further information, please contact Abode: t 01226 283 434 | | w | For the latest news & company updates, please follow Abode on Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn #WaterTheWayYouWantIt


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