House of Picadilly Joins Virtual Worlds

Giving Virtual Worlds retailers the opportunity to personalise designs more than ever before, the House of Piccadilly catalogue is now available on the market-leading software.

A new brand to the market, House of Piccadilly offers a diverse range of colours, sizes and styles across its exciting range of products, from radiators to mixer taps – all simple to incorporate into a consumer’s dream bathroom design with Virtual Worlds.  In fact, the range covers everything needed to create stunning bathroom designs, from composite stone baths and wash basins, to antique radiator valves – all products imagined and made by plumbing and interiors experts, combining an eye for artistry with years of experience in what works best.

“House of Piccadilly is all about celebrating originality, with a vision to develop a brand that is constantly evolving ahead of interiors trends,” explains Managing Director Harry Pashby. “As a new brand to the market we want to shake things up and provide customers with added value. Joining Virtual Worlds is an important part of this, enabling retailers to include our extra-special piece in their designs with ease, so their customer can enjoy homes that are extraordinary.”

Not only are the products out of the ordinary, but the price point is a key differentiator too. Working with its manufacturing partners, House of Piccadilly can provide the unique styles, varied colours and superior standard that consumers are seeing, at a more widely affordable price.

Find out more about House of Piccadilly here and for more information visit or call 01908 663848.

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