Heritage Bathrooms – Bringing the Outside in

As summer draws to a close, now is the time to bring the outside in. Here are a few ways to style biophilic elements alongside your timeless Heritage furniture and ceramics.

Bring the outside in

As summer draws to a close, and you’ll spend less time outside. Now is the time to bring the outside in. Here are a few ways to style biophilic elements alongside your timeless Heritage furniture and ceramics.

Getting Green

Perhaps the most important element of ‘bringing the outside in’ – plants! Whether you are a planting pro or a fake foliage fanatic, green

ery is a wonderful way to brighten up your bathroom. Choose bathroom furniture which offers lots of space for succulents and sprawling ferns. Heritage’s Dorchester range, for instance, offers recessed

basins which feature ample worktop space for all your planting needs.

Reap the benefits of fragrant plants. Do you have a bouquet that is about to wilt? Sprinkle the flowers into a Wenlock double ended bath for a therapeutic bathe. Or for a more energising effect, hang some eucalyptus from your Hemsby shower and breathe in the invigorating oils.


Make it rain

Plants love a good shower almost as much as we do! Heritage’s unforgettable designer shower combinations, with the ability to mix and match valves, single or dual controls and the kit itself, allows you to create your perfect shower. With options like the sleek Hemsby shower, the classic Dawlish shower, or the luxurious Avenbury shower, your wash space will become a tranquil retreat.

Weave in some Wicker

Wicker is a welcome addition to any bathroom trying to bring the outside in. This sustainable material is extremely complimentary and versatile. Pair it with any colour or shade and it will look both intentionally boho whilst also being exceptionally functional. Keep an eye out for wicker plant pots, laundry baskets and cupboard organisers, you’ll be sure to see them everywhere!

Natural tones and Sandy Hues

Perhaps the easiest way to add warmth to the bathroom is to opt for natural materials, like wood, slate and stone. You can easily welcome these elements in with simple additions like rustic wood shelving, botanical prints and bamboo accessories. Our fitted furniture worktops come in a variety of natural finishes such as oak, marble effect white laminate and neutral acrylics. These natural finishes will bring the outside in and create a calm, comforting atmosphere.

Alternatively, if texture isn’t for you, experiment with colour. An earthy palette with shades such as camel, taupe and mixed neutrals will make the space feel both effortlessly fresh and invitingly warm. Alternatively, green is an increasingly popular shade in bathrooms from emerald tiles to deep dark forest walls this colour makes a bold statement.

Keep it Natural

It’s all well and good embracing nature with design elements but you should also be making interior design choices that keep the environment in mind. Small eco-friendly choices can have such a large impact. For instance, opt for LED lighting instead of incandescent bulbs, they’re a much greener option and can save up to 90% less power, saving both money and energy.

Additionally, LEDs can be hidden conveniently within bathroom furniture such as around mirrors and beneath vanities. Commonly LEDs have additional features such as dimming options and sometimes the ability to change colour. Elements like these will elevate your bathroom design, with the flick of a switch you could swap from bright white beauty lighting to dim yellow hues for relaxation. Pair warm calming hues with a deep slipper bath such as the Lynford and prepare for the ultimate sensory soak.

However you bring the outside in, Heritage has something for you.

Download our brochure now to start planning your dream bathroom and visit www.heritagebathrooms.com for more style inspo!

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