Hamberger Sanitary goes green

As an owner-managed, medium-sized company in a rural region, we have always taken our responsibility towards people and nature very seriously.

The focus of our environmental management system is the continuous further development of our environmental performance in terms of ecologically sustainable and environmentally friendly production. Our long-standing certification according to ISO 14001 shows that we have already achieved great success in this area.

With our own biomass power plants, we have been generating CO²-neutral eco-electricity and heat for over 50 years.

Our company premises also include our own hydroelectric power plant. This means that we use another particularly environmentally friendly and sustainable resource to generate electricity.

In addition to our existing photovoltaic systems on our German company buildings, we are currently investing over 2 million euros in a new, state-of-the-art system for our plant in Bulgaria.

With the help of an advanced energy management system, we are permanently reducing our own energy consumption and at the same time increasing our energy efficiency according to ISO standard 50001. The investments of several million euros in this area in recent years have already saved 2,376,310 KWh of electricity, amongst other things.

Through these efforts, our production of toilet seats at our headquarter in Rosenheim, Germany, will become CO2-neutral during the course of this year.

Our products already have a good eco-balance: One third of the thermoset models are made of the renewable raw material cellulose and contribute to the conservation of resources through their longevity. Our thermoplastic seats are fully recyclable. We also recycle scrap material in a sensible way: for example, for the production of our assembly keys or, due to the high hardness of urea thermoset, as a high-quality blasting agent for paint removal.

We are also gradually becoming more sustainable with our packaging. In future, we will optionally (based on customer request) use glassine paper instead of plastic bags to protect our toilet seats. We are changing the bags of our hinges to compostable film and by using smaller bags and thinner material we will save 40% plastic here in the future. We ensure the environmental friendliness of our cardboard packaging through the recognised FSC certification.

With our sustainability efforts, we also focus on our employees. We will introduce a modern code of conduct and thus ensure that our supplies and we act in a responsible manner according to all applicable laws.

With these efforts, we are laying the first foundation stone for the responsible conservation of our common resources and for a future worth living for generations to come.

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