Cosentino Launches Dekton® Pietra Kode: a Surfaces Collection Designed by Daniel Germani

Inspired by Italian architecture with an eye on the future, the surfaces collection reimagines classic stones into contemporary beauty with the high-performance of Dekton® 

The global leader in producing and distributing innovative and sustainable surfaces for architecture and design, the Cosentino Group, has introduced a new high-performance, ultra-compact stone collection: Dekton® Pietra Kode, the vision of renowned designer and architect, Daniel Germani.


Pietra Kode reinterprets the timeless beauty of three classic Italian stones: Vicenza, Travertine and Ceppo di Gré .  Each of these antique natural stones has inspired three Dekton® concrete series within the collection, with enhanced technical properties for the world of modern architecture and design. Each colour incorporates contemporary elegance into the design, with the rich shades and textures creating a sensory experience beyond what the eye can see. The carbon-neutral Dekton® surface allows the collection to be used in a virtually limitless range of indoor and outdoor applications, including kitchen and bathroom worktops, flooring, furniture cladding, wall cladding and more.

Pietra Kode marks the third collection developed with designer and architect, Daniel Germani. While Germani’s previous “Industrial” and “Chromica” collections for the brand have been inspired by industrial design, the seven hues that make up Pietra Kode channel the influence of Vicenza stone, travertine, and Milan’s iconic Ceppo di Gré stone on Italian architecture over the centuries. 

“For this collection, I spent a lot of time decoding each stone’s history in Italian architecture and reimagined them in a contemporary design with all of the benefits of Dekton,” said Daniel Germani“Pietra Kode is a collection that showcases luxury in the small, understated details. It’s designed with the future in mind and compliments any space in a way that won’t go out of style.”

1)  VICENZA KODE SERIES: Four warm and versatile colours that reinterpret the code of classic Vicenza stone. With neutral, earthy tones and a rich design that flows onto the edges, all coexist in perfect harmony and complement cream, wood, and taupe palettes.

VK01 Nebbia is inspired by the texture of Grigio Alpi, with a fine-grained white creamy base dotted with warm taupe hues.

VK02 Avorio features a light beige shade in an extremely natural finish, inspired by the eponymous Avorio stone, an Italian material characterised by the presence of fossil shells. 

VK03 Grigio boasts a gray colour scheme and warm nuances. VK03 Grigio draws its inspiration from Grigio Alpi, made popular by the Renaissance architect Andrea Palladio, who used it in his villas and palaces in the Veneto region. It blends perfectly with creams, woods and taupe colours.

VK04 Grafite combines a mix of black and gray interspersed with whitish and reddish cloud-like patches, channeling the texture of dark, fine-grained limestone.

2)  TRAVERTINE KODE SERIES reinterprets the stone out of which Rome was built, made classical art shine and inspired Renaissance architecture. Two elegant designs are full of nuances reminiscent of these classic styles.

TK05 Sabbia reinterprets Italian Travertine, cut with a vein in its thread that flows through the pieces in a disorderly and colourful way, making it perfect for rustic or natural environments.

TK06 Marmorio takes cues from Travertino Navona, the quintessential Roman stone. Its porous striped structure gives an elegant, bright and lightweight look to any design. 

3)  CEPPO KODE SERIES reinterprets the beauty of the Ceppo di Gré stone, often used in architecture in Milan, to design spaces that inspire us and connect us with nature. Like Vicenza Kode, Ceppo Kode also features design along the edges, perfect for particularly exposed applications.

CK07 Ceppo The distinctive blue-gray multiform structure of the Italian Ceppo di Gré stone inspires this unique colour. It is an unmistakable pebbled pattern that is ideal for both indoors and outdoors, with its timeless design making it a perfect choice for a classic or modern look. 


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