Christmas is the Season of Waste as almost one third of Brits admit to wasting more food over the Christmas period

UK households are throwing away £4.3 billion1 per year on uneaten food
throughout the year
• Almost half (45%) admit to spending more than £100 on their festive food shop
• 69% of those surveyed are calling on the government and/or local councils to
combat the issue of food waste
• Brussel sprouts are the most wasted food item on the Christmas lunch plate
23rd November 2022, London: T’is the season of excess and this is true in more ways
than one as new research reveals that almost one third (30%) of Brits admit to
wasting more food at Christmas, compared to the rest of the year. In addition to this,
the research commissioned by Liebherr, market leader in refrigeration, reveals why
food waste is so prolific all year around in the UK.
The recent survey found that despite 45% of UK households admitting to spending
over £100 on their Christmas food shop, much of this is being wasted as uneaten
food is thrown away. And what is the most wasted food item? Of those surveyed,
the humble brussel sprout was revealed as the most commonly thrown away item on
the Christmas lunch plate, followed by carrots and then parsnips.
As much as Christmas is known to be a time of indulgence, food waste is an issue
that endures throughout the year as one fifth (20%) of Brits admit to wasting on
average 40 food items per month. Top reasons are cited as: buying too much food
(33%), closely followed by food not being stored correctly (31%).
Not only does this have an environmental impact, because wasted food ends up in
landfills and resources required to produce uneaten food also have a carbon
footprint, but there are also the financial implications. It is calculated that UK
households are throwing away £4.3 billion1 per year on uneaten food.
So why is this such an issue in the UK and what can be done? Firstly, nearly half of
Brits (47%) aren’t aware that maintaining the right humidity for storing fruit and veg
can help them last up to four weeks longer. With this in mind, 69% of those surveyed
are calling on the national government and/or local councils to provide more
information to combat the issue. Separately, 57% of Brits think that supermarkets
should get rid of ‘use by’ dates and encourage people to us their own judgement to
avoid food waste.
Liebherr is on a mission to reduce food waste in Britain by introducing new innovative
freshness technology and providing information to help households keep their food
fresh for longer. BioFresh technology is based on the observation that food stays
optimally fresh when stored at just above freezing point; the temperature in the
BioFresh drawers is therefore constantly maintained at just over 0°C. These drawers

act as freshness safes, each of which offers optimal conditions for certain types of
food – and all in just one appliance.
Putting this to the test, Liebherr found that the following produce lasted longer when
stored in BioFresh drawers in comparison to standard fridge compartments:

*All information is for guidance only and depends in each case on the type as well as correct storage without
interruptions to the cooling chain from harvest/manufacturer to the Liebherr cooling appliances. If groceries are
labelled with an expiry date, the date on the packaging always takes priority.
In support of this, nearly three quarters of Brits (70%) said they would find it useful to
have technology that reduces waste, whilst also being energy efficient.
But what more can be done to make 2022 a more sustainable Christmas?
Hugo Prado, UK Senior Marketing Manager at Liebherr shares his tips on keeping your
food fresh for longer over the festive period: “Having a well organised refrigeration
space is key, even more so at Christmas when fridges are likely full to capacity and
storing fresh food for longer periods. We recommend:
• Tidy your fridge before putting in your festive trimmings. Remove every item to
check what food is already approaching its expiration, what has passed its
best and what should go back in. To avoid waste, remember that an expired
best-before date does not necessarily mean that the product still can’t be
eaten. Always double check.
• Map out zones in your fridge; store your fruit and vegetables in the cooler
compartments and utilise the bottom shelves for any meat or fish.
• Forget the smell test. Liebherr’s BioFresh technology stores food at just above
0°C with an ideal humidity to ensure it stays fresher for longer.
• Storage is vital. Ensure food stays organised with containers, jars and other
storage features so that no food gets lost in the fridge. Liebherr’s VarioSafes
provides clarity and creates order for smaller food items, tubes and jars.
• The freezer can often become a chaotic area. Arranging the freezer
compartments by food groups, as well as using containers and freezer bags
will maximise the use of the freezer. “
To find out more about Liebherr and how you can save money with investing in a
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