Beko, the UK’s number one best-selling large home appliance brand1, has launched its brand new Integrated Dishwasher with SaveWater Technology.

The C-rated energy efficiency SaveWater dishwasher offers the lowest water consumption in the Beko range, ensuring dishes are left perfectly clean, whilst also using water more effectively.

With the ability to wash 16 place settings, the dishwasher consumes a minimal 6.9L of water to wash a full load. Water is reserved from the last rinse phase in the dishwashing cycle and is stored safely and hygienically in the machine’s specially designed water tank. This water is then reused at the beginning of the next wash cycle, saving households 2.6 litres of water with every wash when using the Eco programme. To ensure hygienic and safe conditions, the water in the tank is discharged if it is not used within 72 hours after the previous wash cycle.

In addition to boasting a clean sleek design, the machine also features a number of advanced features designed to make life easier. The top features are as follows:

  • Beko CornerIntense™ - By uniquely rotating the specially designed spray arms, Beko’s CornerIntense™ technology delivers intensive and effective cleaning, allowing water and detergent to reach every corner of the machine.
  • Folding plate supports – For easier and more flexible loading, the dishwasher’s plate supports can be folded down to create extra room for larger items.
  • Beko HygieneIntense – Using high temperatures, Beko’s HygieneIntense programme effectively kills more than 99.99% of bacteria and viruses, providing excellent hygiene results that will offer added peace of mind to families2.
  • Beko SteamGloss® Function – By using more heat at the end of the programme, Beko’s SteamGloss® Function reduces the size of water droplets, delivering perfectly dry, shiny dishes
  • Beko TrayWash™ System – Thanks to Beko’s TrayWash™ system, users can relax knowing that even their dirtiest oven trays and shelves can be easily washed. Featuring special accessories that keep trays and shelves, this advanced dishwasher uses powerful water pressure in the lower baskets to give perfect cleaning results.

Marketing Director at Beko UK & Ireland, Vijay Bhardwaj, said: We are pleased to introduce our Integrated Dishwasher with SaveWater Technology to our range, as we continue to help our customers make savvy choices. The new, innovative technology provides the same great wash performance while using significantly less water, helping our customers to save money, whilst also taking small steps to minimise their impact on the environment.”

The Integrated Dishwasher with SaveWater Technology is also a part of Beko’s 10-Year Parts Guarantee, providing full confidence in the reliability and durability of the appliance.”

The Integrated Dishwasher with SaveWater Technology is currently available to purchase from Currys and AO.

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