AXOR Conscious Showers by PHOENIX DESIGN

An enjoyable shower is an indispensable, precious ritual of everyday life. With the new AXOR Conscious Showers, this valuable ritual is not only luxurious, but also responsible. Combining a generous shower head with a powerful water spray, AXOR Conscious Showers ensure that water is used sparingly without compromising the showering experience. The integrated EcoSmart technology maintains a low flow rate that starts at six litres per minute, and with a wide range of high-quality surface finishes available, AXOR Conscious Showers allow for a personal and individual expression, combined with a conscious approach to water.


AXOR Conscious Showers

The new product range includes a rectangular AXOR Overhead Shower 245/185 and two round design variants, the AXOR Overhead Shower 220 and the AXOR Overhead Shower 245. In the EcoSmart+ variant, the AXOR Conscious Shower reduces the flow rate to less than six litres per minute without compromising the user experience. All objects are universally applicable thanks to their reduced design language and were designed in partnership with the award-winning PHOENIX design studio.

A visual highlight of the shower heads is the fine engraving on the contour. When light falls on this engraved line, it creates exquisite light reflections that are mirrored in the bathroom. Depending on the angle, this play of light is reminiscent of a dance of many diamonds – a homage to the preciousness of water.

The round AXOR 245 overhead shower sets another striking design example with visible screws. This small, unmistakable detail demonstrates the precision manufacturing within the AXOR Center for Excellence, based at the Hansgrohe Group’s headquarters in the Black Forest, Germany. All AXOR Conscious Showers are manufactured at this facility, in Chrome and Matt Black, as well as in other AXOR FinishPlus PVD finishes by request.

The minimalist design of the showers means they can suit a wide range of different styles and there is a range of combination options with other AXOR product collections.

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