Arbor Lane Partners With The EverydaySafe™

Arbor Lane Interiors has expanded its bespoke offerings by partnering with The EverydaySafe™, and now
manufactures a free-standing piece of occasional furniture, The EverydaySafe™ Console Table.
The company, based in Rochester, Kent, is an in-frame furniture manufacturer to the UK’s leading KBB
Independent Retailers, Interior Designers & Fit Out Professionals.

Having been established in 2019, Arbor Lane is continually growing and developing its business to offer a
variety of bespoke furniture for their partners to choose from, whilst also implementing In-House Tech &
Marketing Support.

By launching The EverydaySafe™ Console Table, Arbor Lane is providing their partners with an expanded
offering for their clients, helping them to compete in all areas of the high-end, luxury, bespoke market.
”We want our partners to be able to add value to their client offerings, and we think that the EverydaySafe™
Console Table is one through which you can do this. It allows you to begin the conversation with your clients
around other rooms and will increase the value of sales from the projects that they go on to sell.” – Danny
Wood, Managing Director at Arbor Lane

The EverydaySafe™ is a hidden and concealed safe that has been designed to be integrated into a range of
furniture options, providing home-owners with a game-changing security system for items such as passports,
cash, jewellery, watches, credit cards, car keys, and any other premium or important home items.

The EverydaySafe™ can be opened in a few seconds via the fingerprint scanner or smartphone app, allowing
you to deposit or retrieve your valuables quickly. The EverydaySafe™ can be fitted retrospectively into
client’s kitchen, bedroom, or home office furniture, so it is a useful selling point for past/returning clients.
The EverydaySafe™ can also be fitted into any room in the home using Arbor Lane’s bespoke furniture.
Arbor Lane has developed their cabinetry to encase the EverydaySafe™ so that it can be concealed within a
range of furniture options; Arbor Lane feels that placing the safe in a console table highlights “The Everyday
Use”. The console table could be placed in the entrance hallway, so as soon as your clients enter their homes,
they can place their wallets, house keys, and car keys in a safe and conveniently accessible space.

The EverydaySafe™ Console Table comes pre-fitted with Blum Movento runners and an in-frame drawer
front to truly allow the safe to be concealed within the furniture. UK Activations Manager, Shane McKay of
EverydaySafe™ will also visit your showroom to give dedicated training.

Arbor Lane offers the EverydaySafe™ Console Table as a display option for their existing partners
on a 3-month loan basis OR as a permanent display feature for their showrooms. Arbor Lane feels
that by partners having the working safe on display, it allows them to showcase the safe within
bespoke furniture, if a full showroom display is not possible.

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Tel: 01634 940953

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