A Q&A with Toan Nguyen, designer of the new Lua bathroom collection by LAUFEN

LAUFEN has long partnered with world-class designers to create its acclaimed bathroom collections, and its latest is no exception. For the new Lua collection, LAUFEN has collaborated with esteemed French designer Toan Nguyen. The result is a complete bathroom range made from the highest-quality materials and offering sleek and affordable design.

Inspired by the holistic approach LAUFEN has always applied to its bathroom designs, Toan has ensured that all elements of Lua work in harmony. In addition, Lua can be combined with many other products from the LAUFEN catalogue, allowing consumers to mix and match to create an entirely personalised scheme. “Now more than ever, the quality of your home is an absolute priority, and the bathroom is probably the most intimate space,” says Toan.

Here, Toan offers insights into the inspiration for Lua and his 10-year partnership with LAUFEN.

What is the most important aspect of the role of a bathroom designer?
We all experience the bathroom in different ways, and it is the job of the bathroom designer to anticipate and answer those needs. With Lua, the challenge was to create a collection that is both very simple and, at the same time, complete in each of its parts – from the ceramics to the furnishings, the bathtubs to the taps.

Is there a core idea at the heart of the collection?
When you are designing, sometimes there is a tendency to exaggerate to make the product different. But in this case, I wanted to create a form that is like a part of our collective memory – something we would all recognise. For Lua, therefore, I chose to base all the pieces in the collection on the form of an oval.

What is your design philosophy?
Above all, design is an approach in which close attention must be paid both to the excellence of the craftsmanship and to the homogeneity of the collection. This combination provides the foundation for quality manufacturing where no single piece of a collection is more important than the others. As such, every item of Lua has been honed down to the smallest detail to offer a perfect balance of form and maximum flexibility of use.

How would you sum up your decade-long partnership with LAUFEN?
Human beings and their relationships with objects are a central focus of my work. It’s therefore important that I work with a company with experience and expertise, and that is prepared to engage in long periods of research to explore new areas of production – as I have with LAUFEN. Through this process, maybe we can push the limits of what is possible a little further.

Lua by LAUFEN and Toan Nguyen is a complete bathroom collection of vanity units, single and double basins, free-standing and integrated baths, WCs and bidets, plus coordinating brassware, and a range of accessories and furniture.

Stockist: 01530 510007 or laufen.co.uk/point-of-sales

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