Unidrain – Selected for top chef’s new home

Unidrain are the selection du jour for the bathrooms created for Jesper Koch’s dream home.
Jesper Koch, one of the key judges for Masterchef Denmark and driving force behind the top
restaurant Syttende, has designed and constructed his dream home. Located in Sønderborg, and
surrounded by both the beach and forest, he has ensured the essence of these amazing surroundings
reverberates inside the house. This unique and bespoke project has been curated by Interior designer
Kira Staugaard, owner of Kira Design: she worked with the family to create a house full of quality
materials and exciting solutions – not least the elegant Unidrain products.
“It was important to incorporate nature into the home, which is why the surrounding landscape has
been invited inside with materials such as marble, brass, linoleum, and lots of wood. With its warm
tones, the wood features throughout the house, and the brass details in the bathroom really catch the

Brass brings an element of glamour and an extra flourish in the bathroom
The vision for the bathrooms, were quite specific, as with the rest of the house any of the
installations must enhance the overall look and should not just be functional. As such each
item was carefully selected to blend with and enrich the house’s overall style.
“In the bathroom, the brass elements were selected to created a delightful contrast to the
muted colour scheme. The golden tones are present in the linear drain and shower shelves by
The installations visually meld and blend together adding to the overall appeal and elegance
of the space; when you step into the bathroom, you enter a serene environment enriched
with exclusive details whose overall appearance calms the mind,” says Kira Staugaard.
The bathroom is equipped with several brass coloured Unidrain elements, including their luxurious
HighLine floor drain, blending well with the large tiles and creating a contrast without being too
ostentatious. The shower cubicle includes the stylish soap shelf from the Reframe Collection with an
accompanying magnetic shower wiper. For this project the warmth of brass shone through, however,
the complete Reframe Collection of accessories including shelves, towel hooks and toilet brushes all
exquisitely crafted are available in five different colour options allowing them to enhance any
bathroom setting.
For Jesper Koch and his family it was important to incorporate nature into the home, and the
surrounding landscape has been embraced inside by including materials such as marble, brass,
linoleum, and lots of wood. Wood features heavily throughout the house, but for Koch the statement
in the kitchen is the beautiful green marble countertop.

A home with wow factor
When designing the interior, the emphasis was definitely on creating a wow factor, no matter what
room you were in. It was about providing unique experience, but this also needed to embrace a quiet
indoor environment for a family with busy lives:
“The home has been designed in a way that is both calming and stimulating. The natural materials
and the bright but subdued tones create an atmosphere where there’s room for tranquillity and
relaxation, which is important for a busy family. At the same time, the home is packed with exciting
solutions and bold choices, such as a steam oven and a meat-ageing fridge, hand-built furniture and
exqusite yet practical bathrooms,” concludes the interior designer.

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